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Effectiveness of floating

How effective is floating actually?

Regardsless of the effects to our consciousness, for during the 60-minute float in the tank you feel like you`re stepping out of your own body, decisive effects to the human organism can be noticed.

Just to mention some aspects, the resulting benefit to your health is most important.

  • Comprehensive scientistic studies have proved that a stay in a float tank is a great means for reducing mental pressure.
  • The blood pressure is normalized in the float tank, regardless of being either too high or too low.
  • Rheumatic discomforts are reduced.
  • The immune system is strenghtened.
  • In many cases a weightloss can be observed.
  • All muscle groups relax.
  • Skin problems are relieved, just like back and spine problems.
  • Blockades are eased by the deep relaxation.

  • The floating state activates the production of endorphines, the so-called happiness hormones, and increases our general well-being.
  • The deep relaxation regulates our breathing and our blood circuit. Being free from gravity an undescribable healing effect can be experienced.
  • Reduction of jetlag symptoms.
  • Increase of the power concentration, creativity and productivity.
  • Balance of environmental stimulus satiation and slowdown of metabolism.
  • Support of meditation, autogenic training and superlearning.
  • Reduction of Chronic pain and fatigue.
  • Pre menstrual tension and Post natal depression.
  • Reduction of pregnancy problems.

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This offer will let you melt!

60 Min. Floating and 30 Min. Aromaoilmassage for 114,-


Are you in the need of some relaxation and serenity?

Do you have the desire for some regeneration and care? Then you should try our special offer. Have a 60 minute floating excursion followed by a 30 minute aroma fragrance massage. You will definitely feel reborn after that treatment!

Don´t hesitate to give us a call and make an appointment:
Dial Munich: 51 56 69 39

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