Floating – Effortless deep relaxation in Munich.

The outstanding characteristics of floating are the exceptional deep mental relaxation, calming down and feeling good, a release of tensions. The environment is the float tank in which you can stretch out comfortably in all directions, just like in a large bathtub. The float tank is 2.6 meters long, 1.45 meters broad and 1.6 meters high. Approximately 350 kilograms of particularly pure Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) are dissolved in 300 liters of water, the temperature corresponding to your individual external body temperature. A highly saturated solution develops, causing a greater buoyancy than found in the Dead Sea. This salt solution, which is 25 cm deep, enables an effortless floating on the water‘s surface, allowing you to experience a pleasant relaxation of all muscles. With the door closed, the float tank is a space insulated from sound and light. The saline bath within the tank is warmed to exactly the outside skin temperature of the float tank, thus isolating all sensory perceptions of the outside world.
The capsule makes you feel secure and the warm saline bath coupled with the sensation of complete weightlessness and floating conveys a rare deep feeling of calmness to a person living in a world of constant stimulus satiation.

 Floating is the holiday experience.

For many people, a one hour stay in a float tank can be compared to a week long holiday. Signs of stress vanish from your face, the body is completely relaxed. Everyone has the feeling of being in the most pleasant place on earth – of relaxing, recharging, easing pain and appreciating beauty from the inside and out. Every person should indulge in the experience of a float tank at least once in their lifetime.